Why Pro Medical Interiors?
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Why Pro Medical Interiors?
We stand out from the rest with over 35 years of experience.



Pro Medical Interiors realizes the Client has all the answers.  Pro Interiors has the knowledge and understanding to ask the questions specific to creating a working environment for not only the clinical team of providers but also for their client’s patients.  By providing a working environment, we match our Clients’ expectations. 

Pro Medical Interiors takes it further.  There have been a lot of changes within Health Care over the last decade, the introduction of mobile computer units, HIPPA Laws, Bio Hazard Waste Considerations, OSHA Laws and Regulations, and ADA Compliances.  Given these changes, the Clinical Teams main desire remains the same, to reduce patient stress during their visit.  Pro Medical Interiors is aware and sensitive to these issues. 

We have the desire and drive to exceed our clients’ expectations by producing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while complying with medical and local codes.  This desire has become the foundation of the long lasting relationships established with our clients.

“Simply put, Bruce Puffer knows medical office design better than many doctors.  Over the last two decades he has worked on so many projects that he can anticipate doctors’ needs, their patient flow and how to make the most of their space."

Charles Giacchetto
Principal at By Design Construction, Inc